Implementation is the installation and delivery of a new application or modified application into the production environment for ongoing use by the customer or users of the system, or the delivery of a new or modified business process or business area into an ongoing organization.  Implementation describes the roll-out across organizational lines and/or geographic locations.

The deliverables include the implementation goal, the pre-deployment preparations, the deployment deliverables themselves, and the post implementation review.  The implementation goal addresses the cultural and organizational impact of the new or modified application or process, documents the implementation goals, and describes the plan for completing the implementation.  The predeployment deliverables account for activities such as data conversion, development of installation procedures, and documentation development that must be accomplished before the actual deployment can begin.  The deployment deliverables account for the activities required to deliver the system or process to end users.  Finally, the post-implementation review determines whether or not the implementation effort met the objectives determined in the implementation goal. 

Deliverables Checklist

Deliverable: Answers the Question:
Implementation Strategy What are the cultural or organizational changes?
Who will be responsible for the organizational changes?
Who will be responsible for establishing the implementation environment?
Who will support the user through the cutover process?
What is the schedule for implementation?
What resources will be required?
What will it cost?
Who will approve the implementation goal?

Pre-Deployment What are the required elements for configuration management and version control?
What are the list of activities required for installation?
What are the necessary procedures to install this application in the production environment?
What are the steps required to convert the data?
What is the available documentation?
What training will be required?

Deployment What information describes the application?
What components comprise the application?
What version will be the starting point of each component of the application?
How do you create the production version?
What are the necessary procedures to install the application in the production environment?
What is the training curriculum for the users of the application?

Post Implementation Review What problems did the change management team encounter during the implementation process?
What was the severity of these problems?
What modifications will be required as a result of the implementation process?

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