An effective maintenance process requires the completion of a series of maintenance deliverables.  These deliverables both increase the useful life of the application and help control the on-going maintenance and operational costs.  Whether or not an application was developed using "structured" software engineering techniques, the investment in these systems warrants the application of maintenance techniques and  the development of maintenance deliverables.

The ultimate output of every maintenance event will be a successfully modified system.  The following deliverables are included in each maintenance event to increase the likelihood of success and allow subsequent maintenance efforts to be efficient and effective.

Deliverables Checklist

Deliverable: Answers the Question:
Updated Analysis Documentation What are the changes to the analysis documentation for this maintenance event?

Updated Design Documentation What are the changes to the design documentation for this maintenance event?

Updated Test Case Dictionary What additional or modified test cases fully exercise this maintenance event?
What regression tests are necessary to guarantee the application's integrity?

Version Control Document What information describes the modification to a component for a maintenance event?

Configuration Control Document What components comprise the application?
What version of each component does the application use?

Installation Procedure How do you create the production version?
What are the necessary procedures to install the results of this maintenance event in the production system?

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