Business Process Reengineering

Business process reengineering (BPR) is the fundamental analysis and radical redesign of a business or business area to achieve dramatic performance improvements.  BPR involves not only the understanding of the current process, the redesign of the business processes, but also the management of the implementation of the changes. 

BPR is accomplished by iteratively refining four deliverables: an organizational analysis, an as-is analysis, a to-be design and human change management deliverables.  The organizational analysis documents the goals and scope of the BPR project.  The as-is analysis documents the business processes as they operate today and identifies performance gaps that may be addressed by changing those processes.  The to-be design prioritizes the order in which the processes will be engineered or reengineered, identifies those solutions that can be implemented quickly with little or no technology, and documents two or more alternative approaches to addressing the business problems and achieving the goals and objectives identified in the organizational analysis.  Finally, the human change management deliverables describe an approach to managing implementation of the changes that maximizes the chances for a successful BPR project.

Once an approach has been established from the alternative solutions provided by the to-be design, the BPR project may intersect with an application development life cycle.  Functional decomposition models and relationship models can be developed for the solution and the normal application development process with validation of the models, construction, and testing can continue from that point.  At the end of the applications life cycle the project then flows through to implementation and human change management, for installation of the new business processes and the management of the administrative and personnel issues that are critical to the BPR project.

Deliverables Checklist

Deliverable: Answers the Question:
Organizational Analysis What are the goals of the organization?
How do the key business processes contribute to those goals?
Which processes will be reengineered to better achieve those goals?
What resources will be required to complete the BPR project?
What is the scheduled completion date for the BPR project?

As-Is Analysis How do the current business processes operate?
What are the performance gaps in the current processes?

To-Be Design What processes will be reengineered?
How will the new processes work?
What are the performance estimates for the new processes?

Human Change Management What will the new organization look like?
What is the schedule for human change management?
What should the curriculum be for the change facilitators?
How will we disseminate the new direction throughout the organization?

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